Starting a Church at Home

Just like the early Church, you can start worshipping in your home, not according to the latest trend or fad, but according to the pattern that was handed down by the Apostles to the Church Fathers.

Our Church at Home resources will take you from start to finish in worshipping like the Ancient Church.

Step 1: Setup Your Home as a Sacred Space for Worship

The atmosphere of where we worship impacts how we see God. Historically, the church has sought to cultivate a sense of being in the presence of a holy God. From the homes and catacombs of the ancient world to the towering cathedrals of the middle ages, a sense of sacredness surrounded Christian worshippers.

A cross on the wall, the “Lord’s Table” symbolizing Christ’s presence, candles as a reminder of the living Spirit… helped them remember that they were meeting with the loving and Almighty God, not just getting together for tea.

Go to our Creating a Sacred Space guide to give you a clear overview and in-depth downloadable PDF.

Step 2: Start Worshiping at Home Like the Early Church

When we think of worship, we normally think of singing, but the historic worship of the Church is so much more. The order of service, historically known as the liturgy, brings us deeper and deeper into God’s presence as a body and as individuals.

We’ll provide you with Church-at-Home resources will establish you in the practice and understanding of the Ancient Church so that your church-at-home grows in worshipping God with your body, mind, heart. Downloadable resources include:

  • Leading Historic Worship 101
  • Liturgy
  • Lectionary

Go to our Worship at Home Like the Early Church page for more details.

Step 3: Connect with Churches around the World

Our weekly email will enable you to be united in your worship with thousands of Believers Eastern Church parishes throughout the world.

Each email will contain:

  • Weekly Scripture readings from Lectionary
  • Teaching helps for weekly Scripture readings
  • Timely Intercessory list
  • Announcements from Diocese and Church
  • Special Content from Believers Eastern Church leadership

Step 4: Be Trained as a Lay Minister of Believers Eastern Church

Do you sense a calling to serve God or for your gathering to continue as a church?

For a Church at Home to become an official congregation of Believers Eastern Church, at least one member must be trained as a Lay Deacon.

To know more about this process, please get in touch with us through the form below.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in starting “church-at-home” in conjunction with Believers Eastern Church or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you to start the process. Meanwhile, download and read some of our suggested resources.

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