Mission and Ministries

Barnabas Ministries

Barnabas Ministries is our diocesan ministry to help those caught in the grips of poverty within our diocese. This is accomplished on parish by parish basis.

Each parish identifies the needs of the poor in their community and works to help bring alleviation to their suffering as well as the causes of it.

Believers Eastern Church Missions

Poverty and its detrimental effects remain a serious problem for our world today. The poor often struggle to get one or two full meals per day and are dependent on daily wages to survive from day-to-day.

Believers Eastern Church is actively involved in ministering to the poor in every diocese and through every parish.

As a worldwide church, we typically help around 150,000 families each year to break the cycle of poverty. This is primarily done through education, medical care and providing income generating gifts. This includes sewing machines, livestock, carpentry tools, agricultural equipment and other vocational supplies. Vocational training provides the skills needed to provide for their families long-term.

Believers Eastern Church also addresses the larger, root causes of poverty and seeks to provide help to individuals, families, communities and society at large.

We provide values-based education through schools and centers, with the bulk of our efforts to help those who would otherwise not get an education.

We provide leading edge medical care through our hospitals and meet the basic medical needs of rural villages without access to healthcare.

Disaster Relief
The poor are especially vulnerable to the crippling effects of natural disasters. We help them survive, recover and rebuild.

Empowering Women
Because of the discrimination against women, they are especially vulnerable to being impoverished. We empower women through education and training to overcome the obstacles stacked against them.

Sanitation and Clean Water
Lack of clean water and toilets is a major cause of poverty, disease and even death. We combat that by installing toilets, bore wells and water filters.

GFA World

The Diocese of North America works closely with GFA World to encourage the Body of the Christ in the west and to share Christ’s love with those still waiting to hear.

Find out more at www.gfa.org.