Leading Worship at Home

Leading a body of believers, no matter how small, is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. Our guide, Leading Ancient Worship 101, will help you grow in your understanding and ability to lead.

Traditional ancient worship is both easier and more difficult than modern worship. It’s easier because the order of service—or liturgy—has already been determined for you. It’s more difficult, though, because there’s more to ancient worship than music, teaching and announcements. Believers Eastern Church Liturgy provides you and the congregation with an order of service for each type of worship service.

In Believers Eastern Church—and the majority of Christian churches around the world—we follow a lectionary that lays out the Scripture readings for each Sunday (and everyday) throughout the year. These Scripture readings form the basis for an annual journey through the life of Christ and a three-year journey through the arc of the entire Scripture. You can download our annual lectionary in the resources tab of our website.

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