Church at Home the Ancient Way

Church at Home: the early church turned their world upside down, and Believers Eastern Church has followed that tradition. You can experience the authentic faith every Sunday with a few people in your own home. No church building needed.

Believers Eastern Church invites you to be a part of a move of God that is turning today’s world upside down with the faith and practice of the ancient church.

The Ancient Faith for Today’s World


Experience Community Like the Early Church

Church at Home is not meant to be isolationist. Live as part of a Christ-centered community that creates a Christian sub-culture with Jesus as its center. Live out what it means to be the one holy and Apostolic Church

Worship Like the Early Church at Home

Worship has always been the epicenter of the Church, and Holy Communion the epicenter of worship for the early church. You can do this in your Church at Home. Rediscover the sacramental, Christ-centered worship that helped early believers experience Jesus in their midst.

Suggested Resource: The Worship of the Church

Reach the World Like the Early Church

The Book of Acts is the blueprint for every church on how to reach their world for Christ. Join a move of God that is daily growing new churches around the world today.

Community of Christ

The modern Church of the West has lost the cultural war with the secular society because it hasn’t had an alternative culture to offer it. The early Church “turned the world upside down” with its love for one another.

Love for God and Love for Man

Believers Eastern Church has a track record of extreme love for God and extreme love for man. Rooted and grounded in Christ-centered community, embracing a Christian sub-culture helps your church to be in the world but not of it.

One in the Faith

Find out why the Nicene Creed and Apostolic Tradition are so essential to the Christian unity experienced by the Ancient Church. Individualism is the enemy of true community but orthodoxy—adhering to the faith that has been practiced in all places since the Apostles—builds unity. Your church will learn receive the essentials of doctrine while focusing on living like Christ.

Suggested Resource: Plumb Line

Discipleship in the Sacramental Life

Learn how a shared spirituality, rooted in the Church Calendar and historic spiritual disciplines, helps ground every believer in a unified faith. Escape the trap of sanctification by human effort and experience the transforming power of theosis.

Church at Home Divine Services

In Spirit and Truth

The worship of God was the epicenter of the Ancient Church, with a very real sense of Jesus being in their midst and being sent out to take what they received to a world who desperately needed Him. New Testament worship is rooted in the fear of God, coming into the presence of a God who is truly beyond (transcendent) our ability to grasp and worthy of worship with all our hearts, souls and strength.

Therefore, it is important that internal and external worship is pleasing to God, and this is what Believers Eastern Church worship seeks after.

Suggested Resource: The Worship of the Church

The Worship of Christ through Holy Communion

The epicenter of worship in the Ancient Church was the Holy Communion in the Sunday morning service, or Divine Liturgy. In today’s church, Holy Communion is often practiced occasionally and not revered as a sacred act, but it was practiced every week with the greatest reverence from the beginning throughout the ages (1 Corinthians 11:17-34). It should remain the goal of every Christian group to worship God through this Christ-given rite.

Suggested Resource: Eucharist

The Divine Liturgy

The historic liturgy is also something that is misunderstood by most believers; it is not a series of rituals designed to make God respond to us. Helping us to act as one Body, the historic liturgy engages our whole selves, body, soul and spirit in a reverent, God-centered worship that climaxes with Holy Communion. The Divine Liturgy, as practiced by the Ancient Church, is the ultimate experience of God as transcendent and immanent, truly holy yet with us intimately.

Lay Deacon, Training and Governance

We’ll help your Church at Home develop into an official congregation of Believers Eastern Church where you will share in the privileges, mission and unified faith of one of the fastest growing moves of God in the world.

Under Authority

The unity of the Ancient Church was not based on everyone doing what was right in their own eyes but by being under the authority of biblical leadership. The pattern of bishops and multiplicity of leaders—laid out in Scripture and developed by the Ancient Church—provides leadership on the local level, the national level and across the globe. The fullness of the priesthood of all believers can be experienced without division.

Suggested Resource: Holy Tradition

Training to be a Lay Deacon

Every local congregation needs an appointed leader to connect it to the leadership of the Church, and the Lay Deacon is the first stage of leadership in Believers Eastern Church.

Training as a Lay Deacon includes: leading worship, teaching, doctrine, outreach, discipleship, developing a community of believers, personal holiness and church governance. This is accomplished through a process of mentoring, reading assignments, onsite training and practical experience.

Those who serve faithfully as Lay Deacons within the Church will be considered for further training to serve as an ordained minister.


Becoming Part of Believers Eastern Church

Upon successful completion of training or affiliation and approval by the Diocesan Bishop, a Believers Eastern Church clergy will visit your congregation to celebrate Holy Communion with the congregation and receive the fellowship into Believers Eastern Church. A covenant agreement will also be signed at this time.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in starting Church at Home” in conjunction with Believers Eastern Church or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you to start the process. Meanwhile, download and read some of our suggested resources.

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